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Household Tips

Tip Index

  1. Solution for Slow Drains
  2. Paint Can Tip
  3. Remove Static Electricity
  4. Get rid of frying foods smell instantly!
  5. Remove Bumper Stickers from your car!
  6. Cleaning Windows Naturally!

Solution for Slow Drains


To clear your slow running drain pour 1/2 cup of baking soda in the drain followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar and cover (if possible). Allow this to work for 15-30 minutes and then flush the drain with a pan of boiling water.

I use this solution every three months or so to keep a tub drain that is prone to clogging clear and running freely.

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Paint Can Tip

When you are getting ready to paint, take a screwdriver and place it between the lip on the paint can (where the paint fills up when you pour it) and tap a few holes around the rim so the paint can drip through instead of run over.

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Remove Static Electricity

To remove static electricity from your comb, simply take a fabric-softener sheet and run it back and forth over the brush a few times.

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Get rid of frying foods smell instantly!

Place a small bowl of white vinegar next to the stove while frying foods to chase away odors. This even works on fried fish!

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Remove Bumper Stickers from your car!

To remove bumper stickers, take a blow dryer and turn it to high. Heat the sticker and take an old credit card and start pushing the sticker up. Keep heating and pulling and it should come right up. The top layer of the sticker may come off first; if so, just do the same thing to the bottom layer.

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Cleaning Windows Naturally!

Lightly Soiled Windows:

1 cup of vinegar
1 gallon warm water

Extremely Dirty Windows:

1 tablespoon household ammonia
3 tablespoons denatured alcohol or vinegar
1 quart warm water

Recyling Money Saving Tip: To save money and get good results dry and polish glass with crumpled newspaper-but do not use this method on plastic glazing.

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