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Have you been putting off fixing or taking care of things like:
    • Windows that stick, slide or have broken panes
    • A door that won't close or a lock that needs fixing
    • Painting a house or any room
    • Furniture or equipment that needs assembly
    • A toilet that keeps running
    • A faucet that leaks or needs replacement
    • Cracks and holes in drywall or plaster
    • Gutters that need cleaning
    • A ceiling fan installed
    • Rescreen your windows/doors/porches, etc.
    • Spruce up your yard and/or regular lawn maintenance
    • A cellar, attic or garage that needs to be cleaned
    • Pressure Washing (decks, driveways, houses)
    • Tile Flooring
    • Start a recycling program in your home
    • and so on...

Well, you've come to the right place because no job is too small for Handy Ann.


Handy Ann provides quality work at affordable prices.




References available upon request.

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